48 ”R12” RH 235725/1944

This large Ruston was built to 2’6” gauge which was favoured for many of Naval armaments depots dotted in remote parts of the UK. This loco was new to the large ammunition depot at Broughton Moor, Cumbria, where it worked until the depot closed. In company of many other locomotives, this loco was bought by Hocking, a dealer, and moved to Threlkeld Quarry, Cumbria, between 26/6/1992 and 1/7/1992. It was then used on contract work at the DoE, Redesdale Ranges, Northumberland, between 23/4/1993 and about 15/5/1993, returning to Threlkeld by 17/5/1993. On 17/9/1999, the loco joined the MRT collection, where it has been re-gauged to 2’0” gauge. For operating in potentially hazardous environments, this loco was fitted with an exhaust conditioner, which has at some point been replaced by a rear fuel tank and the original disconnected.


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