80 LB 52610/1961

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This Loco was ordered by the Northern Peat & Moss Litter Co. of New Pitsligo, scotland through lister agent Charles Taggart Ltd of Aberdeen. It was delivered on 31/7/1961. By 1978, Northern Peat’s railway had ceased working, and the loco was sold to Captain Hay of nearby Delgatie Castle; the captain was a friend of the manager of Northern Peat. Captain Hay aspired to building a railway around the lake at Delgatie, but this never came to fruition, and the loco was stored in a garage on the estate.

The loco was bought by Simon Lomax in 2003, and was moved to Derby in an epic 4 day operation, arriving on 3/4/2004. This is described in Moseley Matters No.39. After a relatively straightforward restoration, the loco is presented in the condition it would have worked at Northern Peat. It first ran in public at the Cadeby Light Railway’s final gala, May 14 & 15 2005, and subsequently operated on the railway at the Abbey Pumping station, Leicester at their railway event on 25 & 26/6/2005. Following this event, the loco moved to storage at the Golden Valley Light Railway, Butterley, arriving there on 19/8/2005. It was operated at a number of the GVLR’s gala days and other special events. The loco was displayed at the 16mm model railway exhibition at Stoneleigh on 29/3/2003, and visited the Amberley Museum Listerfest event in July 2008.

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