89 RR 84/1938

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This most unusual locomotive was supplied new on 10/10/1938 to Murray Brothers in Dublin (Agents) for Murphy Brothers contractors, Dublin. It is one of only 2 surviving Ransomes locomotives – the other being at the Amberley museum in west sussex. When new, the locomotive was fitted with a 2 cylinder Ailsa Craig diesel engine of 20HP, The history and use of the Locomotive is unknown until it was found at Shamrock Machine Turf Co, Shane Valley near Edenderry; it is understood they acquired it in 1963. At that time, it is believed to have a Lister or Petter engine, but it gained a Deutz by 1965.

By 1987, the loco had moved to Midland Irish Peat, Rathowen (County Westmeath, Central Ireland). Unilok (an Irish supplier of road rail locomotives) supplied a set of rubber tyres as fitted to it’s wheels. We understand that the loco is now on the second set of such tyres. The brake blocks apply, rather unconventionally, onto the rubber tyres. The loco transmission has been significantly changed during its years in Ireland, but most of the original Ransomes transmission is still used. The loco arrived at Apedale from Rathowen on 10/4/2011.


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