Penrhyn Quarrymans Carriage ‘H’

The Penrhyn Slate Quarries in North Wales operated a number of these simple 4 wheel open carriages, which had been constructed between 1879 and 1927. Unusually, these carriages are identified by a letter, rather than the more traditional number. The first batch (A-J) were built by de Winton of Caernarfon (North Wales) and delivered to the Penrhyn Railway between 1879 and 1880. A further 6 vehicles (K-P) were built between 1902 and 1908 at the Felin Fawr Works of the Penrhyn Railway and finally coach Q was built at the works in 1927.

In 1953, after a period of disuse, carriages H & P were re-guaged, fitted with suspension (as built their was nothing provided for ride comfort) and donated to run on the Talyllyn Railway, where they were numbered carriages 7 & 8. There they served for a number of years, before being rebuilt with new bodies – ultimately, these new bodies had new chassis fitted. A bi like the case of Paddy’s hammer – 2 new heads, 3 new shafts – but still the same hammer!

In 1998, we were fortunate to acquire the axle-boxes and horn-guides from both carriages H & P direct from the Talyllyn Railway. The parts formed the starting point for the MRT carriage project; this was completed by 1999. The vehicle then ran at the the works open days of Alan Keef Ltd before entering traffic on the Apedale Valley Light Railway.


One Response to Penrhyn Quarrymans Carriage ‘H’

  1. CSC says:

    Would you know anywhere that would have plans or drawings for these cars? I fancy a build in 7 1/2″ gauge.


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