35 (DX68061) ”TR25PWM2214” Wkm 4131/1947

This railcar is the MRT’s only EX British Rail vehicle. It was originally a standard gauge personnel trolley; it was ex-works on 7/1/1947 and delivered to the Great Western Railway, Llanrhaiadr station, Denbighshire. It passed into BR ownership when the GWR was nationalised on 1/1/1948. During the 1960’s, the vehicle was re-gauged for employment on the 1’11 3/4” gauge Vale Of Rheidol Railway, Aberystwyth, then operated by BR. Some sources claim that this work was done at Wickhams in 1961, others that BR did the work at Wolverhampton in 1963. The JAP engine eventually wore out and was replaced by a tiny Moto Lombardini diesel engine. The vehicle was last used by BR in 1984, when it was replaced by a more modern Permaquip vehicle. In 1986 it moved to the Old Kiln Light Railway in Surrey. In July 1990 the vehicle, now without an engine, joined the MRT collection. It is intended that the vehicle will be restored to self powered operation in due course.


One Response to 35 (DX68061) ”TR25PWM2214” Wkm 4131/1947

  1. Keith Gunner says:

    Wickham 4131 was allocated several fleet numbers during its lifetime.
    Originally GWR fleet number B146, later B146W (the B indicating a Gang Trolley) and PWM2214 (Permanent Way Machine).
    Transferred to the LMR on 1/1/1963 as fleet number TR26.
    Later allocated BR CEPS number DX68061.
    The Moseley reference to PNW2214 needs amending.
    Keith Gunner (co-author of The Wickham Works List) 3/5/2016

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