S6 Hunslet 996 of 1909 ‘Edward Sholto’

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This steam locomotive is one of the famous Quarry Hunslet locomotives. It was named after Edward Sholto Douglas-Pennant who inherited the Penrhyn estates (which included the famous huge quarry at Bethesda, North Wales) and the peerage in 1907.

At a cost of £600, it was the last new steam loco to be purchased for the Penrhyn quarries. I worked until 1956, when it was laid up at the Coed-Y-Parc workshops. In June of that year, it was sold to a Canadian buyer, and left the Uk for Canada in October 1961. The movements of the loco in North America are rather vague, but it seems to have passed through the hands of the Ontario Science Centre (who retain a similar loco ‘Gertrude’ in a sectioned condition). Eventually, the loco was privately owned in Illinois in the USA.

In 2006, the loco was purchased by a MRT member, who moved it to a private workshop where it arrived on 21/7/2006 for restoration. As this was one of the first locos to be stored at Penrhyn, the loco remains in a totally original Penrhyn condition. The locomotive was steamed for the first time after restoration in December 2009. Since restoration, the locomotive has visited a number of railways, including the Ffestiniog and West Lancashire Light Railway. ‘Edward Sholto’ is not currently a permanent resident at Apedale, but has visited the site on a number of occasions.


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