34 RH 164350/1933

This loco is one of the oldest Ruston diesels in existence. It was ex-works from Ruston in Lincoln on 24/5/1933, delivered to A.F.Smith Ltd, Hailsham, Sussex as a demonstrator; by the 10th of June, it had moved, probably on hire, to a company called E.R.Cole. On 27/1/1934, it went to RH Ltd, Town Farm sandpits, Bletchington until 14/3/1934, when it was returned to Rustons. It had a period on hire to a contractor called Coles.

Ruston & Hornsby finally managed to sell the loco to Enfield Urban District Council; it was dispatched on 16/5/1934 to Conduit Lane sewage works, Ponders End, Middlesex. The sewage works railway closed in 1968, but the loco remained in store at the works. ME Engineering, the well known London-based light railway equipment dealers, collected the loco from Conduit Lane on 21/2/74; the following day the loco moved on to the former Brockham museum. Later in 1974, the loco moved to North Wales, where it was put on display at the Gloddfa Ganol museum, north of Blaneau Ffestiniog. After this site closed, the loco was moved to FMB Engineering in Hampshire on 24/2/1998.

The loco joined the MRT collection on 5/9/1999. The loco is in almost original condition. The loco will be restored to as original ”ex-works” condition, with the addition of a distinctive ‘keyhole’ cab.


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