52 ”LAWR” ” The Terror that walketh in darkness” BgC1695/1928

This is the first known Baguley  steam outline loco. New to the Lilleshall Abbey Woodland Railway at a cost of £260 and supplied with a set of coaches to match, part of this survives at the Old Kiln Light Railway today.it was stored in 1939; preserved by the late Reverend Teddy Boston at the Cadeby Light Railway in may 1967, it was Teddy Boston who gave it its title due to it usually being dark by the time it was successfully started. Moved to Apedale on 22/4/2006 after the C.L.R. closed. Baguley Built a number of these ”steam outline” locos, which worked until recently at Trentham Gardens (stoke) and Alton Towers, and still work at Wicksteed Park (Kettering). However, 1695 is the only one to retain its original 2 cylinder petrol engine, all others having received Perkins diesel engines during their lives. During 2010 & 2011, this loco paid an extended visit to Wicksteed Park; amongst other things, it was part of the celebrations to mark the arrival of their new loco ”Merlin”.


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