84 Ho 984/31

This loco was built by Howard in 1931 and worked at Whittlesea Central Brick Co. Ltd., Cambridgeshire. The loco was preserved in 1970, and was stored at the Cadeby Light Railway from 10/4/1971 until moved to the Brockham site in December 1973. It was subsequently stored at the Gloddfa Ganol site at Blaenau Ffestiniog before moving to Hampshire. It was sold in 2007 to a MRT member for eventual movement to Apedale. After a spell in Somerset, it arrived at Apedale on 21/3/2010.

Although a challenging restoration project, this is the sole remaining UK representative of this early builder of internal combustion locomotives.

As of August 2014, the loco has been restored to a rolling chassis and work is progressing with the Morris 20hp engine and the original gearbox with it’s interesting shift mechanism involving going into reverse the back out of reverse and into first and vice versa for forwards!

 As of 14/12/14 brakes functional, engine changed (from car type to industrial type), floor and seat secured, clutch pedal fitted and starting handle bracket fitted.




21/12/14 bulkhead wire brushed and painting in progress.

15/2/15 – Sump painted, removed, inspected, and reassembled. Rear bodywork nearly complete. Carburetor and air cleaner prepared. Magneto sent away for remedial work. Reduction gearbox cleaned. Radiator work progressing.

Engine Painted, Magneto Returned and has been successfully started, Fan Fitted, Clutch unit and Reduction Box trial fitted and exhaust ‘silencer’ made from a spare Motor Rail ‘G series’ silencer.

The 90 degree starting handle gearbox has been designed and parts and plans drawn up, the current governor and handle came with the engine and will be in the way of the radiator.

27/12/15 – Gearbox and drive aligned and connected, fuel tank connected, starting mechanism fitted (also shown during machining) and throttle & timing levers in progress.




12/6/16 new radiator core and top tank manufactured, now assembled for fitting.


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