42 MR 7710/1939

New to Sir Robert McAlpine, Pant Farm gravel pits, Wrexham (original cost £536 less 5% discount); to Derbyshire Stone quarries at Hartington and Hopton, then to dealers G.W.Bungey (during 1956). Bungey then sold the loco to the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway as their No. 14. To Joseph Arnold Sand Quarries 3/12/1958. To Cadeby Light Railway 12/5/1979 and to Apedale 29/4/2006. This loco was used on the LBLR ”main line” from the sand quarries down to the LNWR/LMS/BR interchange point on the Leighton Buzzard to Dunstable branch. The large white cross on the cab side was to allow staff at the Billington Road yard to identify locos (and therefore trains) at a distance. The former LBLR now forms the basis of the current Leighton Buzzard Light Railway preserved railway.


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