90 BD 3756/82

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This loco represents the modern development of the industrial narrow gauge diesel loco. Of particular note is that the usual mechanical transmission with attendant clutch and various gear-shifting linkages has been replaced by a much more sophisticated Brockhouse transmission, based around a torque converter. Hence, there is no actual clutch and gears – simply a direction controller and a throttle. The loco was delivered 0n 18/3/1982 as a 2’6” gauge machine to the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Trecwn, Wales. On 11/4/1994, the loco was transferred, with several others, from trecwn to the Dean Hill depot in Hampshire. On 11/6/2009, it entered preservation, moving to the Statfold Barn Railway, near Tamworth. The team at Statfold undertook the substantial task of re-gauging the loco to 2’0” gauge. The loco visited Apedale for the 2009 open weekend, but then returned to Statfold for further work on the air braking system. The loco finally arrived at Apedale, hopefully for good, on 30/11/2010.


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