Hudson Brakevan – NGB 8502 (W/n 200870059)

This brakevan and two other virtually identical vans were constructed by Hudson Raletrux (immediate successors to Robert Hudson Ltd) at their Ilkeston works in 1991 for the British Army’s Chilmark ordnance depot in Wiltshire. It is quite likely that itwas one of the last carriages built under the Hudson brand in the UK.

When Chilmark closed, all three vans moved north (along with 3 near new Andrew Barclay diesels) to the Eastriggs storage site near Carlisle. Eventually all 3 were listed for disposal in a tender document during 2003; the MRT successfully bid for one vehicle.

This vehicle has been subject to a comprehensive overhaul and restoration in our own workshops. Air train brakes have now been installed using the most discreet method possible.

At only 19 years old, this is probably one of the youngest industrial passenger carrying vehicles in preservation. This makes a very interesting comparison with the 1923 built ”Toastrack” carriage from the same manufacturer.


2 Responses to Hudson Brakevan – NGB 8502 (W/n 200870059)

  1. Mike Kennard says:

    Moseley obtained this van but is it know what became of the other two from the same East Riggs sale (NGB 8500 & NGB 8501) ?

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