53 FH 2306/1940

This loco was new to the War Office; it was then resold ”exactly as received” to a William Moss of London, a contractor. It then passed to the Hammill Brick Company, Eastry, Kent by August 1953. It is believed that during its time at Hammill it lost its original National engine and gained its current Paxman engine. It then turned up at the yard of ME Engineering (a dealer) in 1964. ME sold it to Erin Peat Products, County Offaly, Ireland. It was repatriated to the UK by Patrick Keef in 1993, and, after a spell elsewhere, left Keef’s yard on 25/5/1999 having been bought by Simon Lomax. After some work was carried of off-site, it arrived at the Cadeby Light Railway on 18/11/2000. It was moved to Apedale on 22/4/06. It is the only known loco with a Paxman diesel engine.


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